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  • What expenses can I claim?
    You can claim most of the costs of setting up your mortgage. These are the agency fees, notaryfees (only 50%), registration fees, appraisal fees and arrangement fee.
  • How much could I recover?
    The average claim for mortgage expenses amounts to €3,600.
  • How do I know if I have paid them?
    If you have or have ever had a mortgage loan, it is very likely that you have paid incorporation expenses and set up costs. This is because banks often include it as a clause within mortgage loans.
  • What can I hope to achieve with my claim?
    The Spanish Supreme Court considers that the party who benefits the most from registering the mortgage deed is the bank. Therefore, it must bear most of these costs.
  • What else can I claim?
    You may also have been affected by other abusive clauses such as the floor clause.  We will analyze your mortgage and claim them all. This way we make sure you get the maximum you are entitled to.

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You will only pay our fees if your claim is successful. The steps to file your claim are 100% online. Receive your compensation upfront. We offer the option of including our insurance. So you won’t have anything to worry about in the unlikely event that your claim is unsuccessful.

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    You are in control. We’ll be in touch at least once a month. Simply put, we’ll keep you in the loop for each step of your claim.

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    When the process comes to an end, we’ll send you the settlement and ask for your bank details to issue the payment. We guarantee transparency from start to finish.

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Antonio David Valero

Mortgage expenses claim


I think we should all claim our mortgage costs. It costs nothing and we have to be demanding with the banks. in99, has been transparent and very simple, when it comes to making my claim and the necessary procedures. For all these reasons, I recommend it 100%.

Miguel Martín

Mortgage expenses claim


The experience has been very positive, no complaints.

Fernando Recio

Mortgage expenses claim


Good professionals with a good rate of results.

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Claiming your money back takes less than 99 seconds

You don’t have to worry about a thing, from start to finish. There are several stages in the process. We’ll be in touch at least once a month or each time there are updates on your claim. You’ll always have access through your account.

The first step is to lodge an out-of-court complaint to try to reach an agreement. If this is not possible, we’ll proceed to make a claim. If the claim is admitted for processing by the judge, he/she will inform the respondent about the trial. In some cases, your presence may be required. If so, we’ll let you know in advance and give you all the necessary information. After this, the judge will issue a ruling. And if it’s favourable, the deadline to recover your money starts.

No. You don’t have to pay a single euro in advance. We’ll upfront all costs, including the solicitor and power of attorney. You’ll only pay our fees if you win your claim.

We’ll let you know the status of your claim at least once a month by email or text message. And you can access your account whenever you want. In real-time. All-year-round. You’re in control. We’re transparent from start to finish.