A real issue

99% cannot access professional services

Studies have proven this. 99% of individuals and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have problems accessing the professional services sector.

Some cannot afford the fees. Others don’t know their rights or aren’t aware they require legal assistance. And those who finally do engage in these services have described their experience as stressful and not very transparent.

This makes it profitable for certain companies to not comply with certain regulations or to provide poor-quality services. Meanwhile, competitors that do follow regulations, are (unfairly) penalised.

We have set out to get to the bottom of this and change the rules of the game. We are innovation, we are inclusiveness, we are in99.

Our solution

We are in99. The tech platform that challenges the status quo.

We know that the only way to make these services accessible and to maintain our quality standards is to implement technology beyond just digitalisation. This allows us to expedite, streamline and economise all processes that up until now were dealt with in person.

With our 100% digital platform we are redefining the sector. And creating a more equitable world. We share our know-how and make it available to all.

Our mission

We aim to make claiming what’s yours and protecting your interests, as easy and convenient as making an online purchase.

This is us

  • We embrace and strive for change

    At in99, we joined forces to do things differently. We are constantly looking for ways to simplify and improve. We question everything. We don’t assume an idea is viable, we test it. And if it doesn't work, we will think it over again. We are comfortable working in an environment where change is the sole constant.

  • Fearless, creative and open-minded

    We think big. If we believe in an idea, we go for it. Without fear of making mistakes. Because, for us, mistakes are just a form of learning. And each time we have a new opportunity to continue improving. Together. We are all leading this change.

  • We engage with each other with honesty

    We are honest with each other here. If something doesn't work, we admit it. If we need help, we ask for it. If we are asked for our frank opinion, we give it. Wecommunicate with full transparency and simplicity. Without sugar-coating our words or keeping our heads down. And, above all, we keep our promises.

  • We discuss and make decisions

    A flexible and less hierarchical structure requires decisiveness. You have to look before you leap. We all feel comfortable taking charge of a project or a situation. And if things get complex, we don't get overwhelmed or frustrated. We understand that this can be part of the process.

  • Humble

    Regardless of the role we carry out, we all know our limitations and respect each other for them. We know our strengths and where we can improve. This is why we are always open to hearing our colleagues' input. And when we achieve something, we celebrate modestly. We treat each other as equals.

Recognised as a Great Place to Work

We protect our Culture of Freedom and Responsibility. And we value autonomy when conducting our work. That’s why we are certified as a Great Place to Work.

Recognition of excellence in the workplace, corporate governance and cultural trust. And it is based, among other factors, on the opinions of our employees. We are confident that our values speak for themselves and they will help us to grow for a long time to come.

The best thing about being part of in99

Juan Pablo - Desarrollo de Producto

Product Manager


Challenges, commitment, and fun

Being a part of in99 means waking up every morning knowing that I have an opportunity to delay and change the status quo. Help thousands of people. And have fun while doing it.

PPC Specialist

Alejandro Melero

PPC Specialist


A company with values

It is incredible to work in a company where humility and honesty are its values. And to actually put it into practice in your day-to-day work is priceless.

Amanda Cabello

Litigation Lawyer


Motivation + professionalism equals leadership

Working in a leading company within the sector that defends the interests of all, maintains me constantly motivated to always be on track. And thus offer the best service.


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