29 March 2022

I can’t find the contract for my revolving credit card, what can I do?


Jessica Garcia

To make a claim on a revolving credit card, you’ll need certain supporting documents.  

You will need to provide the contract you signed with the financial institution. If you don’t have your contract, another option is the amortisation table. This will show all the movements on your revolving credit card. This information will allow us to calculate how much you have overpaid.  

You also have the option to send us your statements/settlements and we will take care of looking for the rest of the information for you. You can generally find these bank statements on your online account.  

What can you do if you don’t have the contract or the amortisation table? In this case, you should contact the financial institution that offered you the line of credit and ask for a copy of both documents (your contract and amortisation table). 

This request can be done both at the branch or online via their website.  

When you manage to get in touch with them to ask for a copy of the documents, they will know that you need them to make a claim and they are likely to offer you a settlement. Our advice is to not sign any agreement, no matter how good it may seem. You may find yourself unknowingly giving up your right to take legal action and what they offered you was simply a reduced interest rate. This will then make it impossible for you to defend your rights as a consumer. 

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