11 July 2022

legalbono and World Legal Advisers have merged to launch in99

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Jessica Garcia

Legalbono ahora es in99

Above all, we want to reassure you. We’re the same people, but we’ve improved, for you. You don’t have to worry or do anything. We’ll take care of everything.

Now let’s tell you more about this merger. About where we came from and where we’re heading.

A real problem

Studies have shown that 99% of individuals and small businesses have problems accessing the professional services sector. Some cannot afford the costs. Others don’t know their rights or aren’t aware they require legal assistance. And those who finally do engage in these services have described their experience as stressful and not very transparent. And, as a result, they don’t claim.

This makes it profitable for certain companies to not comply with certain regulations or provide poor-quality services. Meanwhile, competitors that do follow regulations are unfairly penalised. The reason is simple. The percentage of those who actually make a claim after being affected by consumer abuse or a regulatory breach is actually incredibly low, making it profitable for companies to continue these practices. They are incentivised rather than deterred because we don’t claim enough.

Our mission

Our mission is to offer access to justice and professional services to this 99% in an easy, convenient and affordable way. To achieve a more just and transparent world.

Our solution

We are in99. The tech platform that breaks the status quo.

We have created a 100% online platform that allows you to access our services from anywhere in the world without having to do anything in person.

We take technology beyond simple digitisation. So you can generate personalised legal documents and make claims and procedures  as quick and safe as possible. You can also find out the current protection level of your interests through a personalised diagnosis. And find out, in less than 99 seconds, what claims or important matters you may have pending.

What’s more, thanks to our ‘legal cloud’, you can now save all of your documents with your digital signature or check their status.

The main reason (72%) to not hire professional services is the cost.

At in99 we are determined to tackle this problem. That’s why we have a pricing policy that adapts to your needs. For instance, with our claims service, we have a No Win No Fee policy.

We make it easy for you. We share our knowledge and make sure it’s available to everyone. We want you to be able to defend your rights and protect your interests in a way that’s as simple as buying something online.

At in99 we’re redefining the industry and creating a more equitable world. Are you in?

For you. For us. For everyone

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