19 June 2022

Do you have a WiZink’s card? You can claim this revolving credit card

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Jessica Garcia

WiZink Bank has recently been sentenced to refund €8,000 to one of their customers who had claimed a revolving credit card. If you have also used one of these credit cards with Wizink, this post is of interest to you. You can also make a claim and get your money back. If you want to know how, we recommend you keep reading.


What is a Wizink revolving credit card? 

As we were saying, a customer was able to get a refund from Wizink after using a revolving credit card. However, not everyone knows what this type of credit card is. You may have used one without being aware of it, so don’t worry, we’ll start by explaining what a revolving card is.

A revolving credit card is a credit card that defers all of your purchases automatically. The main difference is that ordinary credit cards allow you to choose between paying for everything you’ve spent the following month interest-free, or deferring payment and having to pay interest. Revolving credit cards, on the other hand, only allow you to defer payment, meaning you’ll also pay interest. Therefore their use always involves paying interest, although the rate varies depending on the bank.

In other words, a revolving card is a credit card that always involves deferring payments, which means you’ll be charged a certain interest.

WiZink offered this type of card with a 27,24% interest rate. This almost triples the average AER over the past 10 years for consumer products. It’s no surprise that it was declared excessive. 

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Why did a customer receive a refund of 8,000 euros from a wizink revolving credit card?

The contract for WiZink’s credit cards was declared null and void due to the inclusion of unfair terms, as it applied excessive interest rates and did not comply with transparency regulations. What does this mean?
On the one hand, as we outlined above, WiZink charged a disproportionate interest rate for using this card, set at 27,24%. This is quite serious in itself. However, this was not the only issue with these contracts.

The most important issue was that the contract by which customers could obtain a revolving credit card did not comply with necessary transparency and inclusion criteria. You may have come across these terms before, as it’s quite a similar situation to the matter involving floor clauses, i.e. clauses that were declared unfair, and therefore null and void, as they did not meet certain minimum requirements.

In any case, let’s briefly go over what they are and their implications.

The transparency check implies that the consumer is aware and has been informed of the implications of the product they have contracted. If the general conditions (i.e. those that have not been individually negotiated) of a contract do not pass this test, they are declared unfair and are automatically null and void.

The same judge who ruled that WiZink’s credit card contract is null and void also stated that it’s extremely difficult for the customer to be truly aware of its content, and therefore declared the contract to be unfair.

Not only was this already enough to declare the contract null and void, but it didn’t even meet the clause inclusion criteria.

This control mechanism is even more basic than the transparency criteria, as It only requires the general conditions to meet certain formal standards to be included in the contract, for instance, that they must be clear, simple, easily understood, legible, etc.

In fact, it was the judge’s view that WiZink’s revolving credit card contract did not even comply with this criteria. Some of the terms were specified in a font size that was practically illegible.

For all of the above reasons, the contract was declared null and void and the customer will receive €8.000 as he claimed this revolving credit card.

How can I claim revolving credit cards if I’ve used them? 

If you are or have even been a Wizink customer and you’ve used one of these credit cards before, you can claim revolving credit card and get your money back. You’re entitled to claim from the bank everything you have been overcharged for.

You can start right now. All you have to do is answer a few simple questions. It will take you less than 99 seconds. And we’ll take care of everything.


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