Mortgage expenses

  1. What expenses can I claim?

    You can claim most of the costs of setting up your mortgage. These are the agency fees, notaryfees (only 50%), registration fees, appraisal fees and arrangement fee.

  2. How do I know if I have paid them?

    If you have or have ever had a mortgage loan, it is very likely that you have paid incorporation expenses and set up costs. This is because banks often include it as a clause within mortgage loans

    You can start your claim by filling in our form. It will take you less than 99 seconds. We will analyse the unfair terms of your mortgage and file a claim for all of them. This way, we make sure you are getting the maximum amount you are entitled to.

  3. What can I hope to achieve with my claim?

    The Spanish Supreme Court considers that the party who benefits the most from registering the mortgage deed is the bank. Therefore, it must bear most of these costs.

  4. Can I reclaim stamp tax (AJD)?

    If your mortgage was signed before 10 November 2018, you cannot claim this tax. The Spanish Supreme Court ruled that in this case the buyer is liable for payment.

  5. Is my claim a sure win?

    A very high percentage of these types of claims are accepted. However, it is difficult to predict exactly how the procedure will end.

    What we can say is that we are very confident in what we do, and in how we do it. That’s why we are committed to our no No Win No Fee policy. In addition, during the process, you can always include our legal expenses insurance. This way you’ll have nothing to worry about in the unlikely event that your claim is unsuccessful.

  6. What can I hope to achieve with my claim?

    The aim is to obtain a favourable ruling, declaring the clause which imposed these costs on you, null and void. You will be able to recover all or a part of these amounts

  7. What documentation will I need to submit a claim?

    All you have to do is fill out our form with the information we ask from you. You will reach a point where we will ask you to attach this documentation if you have it. If not, we will let you know how you can obtain it during the process.

    To claim mortgage costs you’ll need:

    1. The deed for the mortgage loan
    2. The repayment table
    3. The invoice for the land registry
    4. The invoice for the notary public
    5. The invoice for any agency fees
    6. The appraisal certificate

  8. How can I differentiate between mortgage loan deed or title deed invoices?

    In all mortgage claims, the invoices that must be provided are those associated with the mortgage loan. It is important not to confuse these with the invoices associated with the title or sales deed.

    To identify the invoices related to the mortgage loan deed, we must look at the title of the document. The title usually refers to “mortgage”, “mortgage loan”.

    Here is an example of an invoice for notary fees.

    Here is an example of a registration invoice.