14 March 2022

Have you obtained favourable rulings on revolving credit card claims?


Jessica Garcia

Indeed, we have had many successful outcomes on revolving credit card claims. Every client is different. The end result and amount recovered will depend on your situation. However, we can confirm that these claims have a high success rate. These are just some of the cases we have won:  

  • Noelia from Malaga. The judge ordered Cetelem to declare the interest clauses as null and void, and to remove them from the contract, as well as reimburse Noelia an amount of € 13,597.92. You can find the decision here
  • Antonio de Boadilla del Monte, Madrid. This time around, it was WiZink who had to pay Antonio €16,756.88 in compensation. You can find the decision here 
  • Jorge from Malaga. We did it again and, together, we managed to get WiZink to reimburse him €7,768.58. You can find the decision here

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