07 September 2022

Is it normal for my Estimated Date of Termination to change? 


Jessica Garcia

Yes, it is completely normal and a sign that the algorithm is working correctly.

Like the navigation system in your smartphone or car that calculates an Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) to your destination, our algorithm considers a multitude of factors to provide you with an Estimated Date of Termination of the claim. In a navigation system, the initial estimate considers factors such as the route, kilometers to destination, average speed on each road and even the density of the traffic if they are sophisticated enough. However, you may be halfway of the journey and it is normal to find that these factors are slightly different than originally estimated and therefore resulting in an updated Estimated Time of Arrival (your speed may be faster or slower than originally estimated, the traffic density higher or lower than estimated, etc …). The Estimated Time of Arrival changes as frequently as these factors change. Our algorithm that calculates the Estimated Date of Completion works in a similar way. As in a navigation system, the closer we get to the destination, the more precise and reliable the estimate becomes as the margin for these factors to change narrows down. In other words, the closer we are to the Estimated Date of Completion of your claim, the more precise and reliable the forecast will become.  

Please note that in any case the date is a mere automated estimate that is calculated based on multipole factors, which may not develop as expected. Thus, we do not recommend that you make any plans fully relying on these estimates, and we disclaim any type of responsibility otherwise.  

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