06 April 2022

What documentation do I need to claim?



Your ID card or passport and your flight tickets or boarding pass are enough to justify and claim your flights.
To speed up the claim process, it’s advised to have one of the following documents at hand:

  • Booking confirmation with all the flight numbers, dates, times, and passenger IDs.
  • If the incident took place on the first leg and you missed your connecting flight, or the
    tickets for the flight you were rebooked on to reach your destination.
  • To claim additional expenses you’ll always have to prove the actual arrival time at your
    final destination and attach your airline tickets.
  • If you were travelling with minors, your Spanish family book (Libro de familia) or birth
  • A copy of the claim made at the airport.
  • For flight delays under the Montreal Convention, add a screenshot to prove the actual
    arrival time was + 12 hour delay.

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