06 April 2022

What else can I claim?



Apart from compensation, you have other rights, depending on the case.


  • If you’re delayed by more than 5 hours and you don’t want to board the plane, you
    have the right to cancel your flight. And be reimbursed or be offered an alternative
    means of transportation.
  • If your flight does not take off until the following day, you’re entitled to one night’s
    hotel accommodation as well as airport transfers. These services are usually provided
    by the airline. We recommend checking before booking anything yourself.

Cancellation and overbooking:

  • You have the right to cancel your flight if you no longer wish to travel. You can get a full
    refund or be offered alternative transport on the same date.
  • For overbooked flights, the airline is likely to offer you a deal or compensation. We
    advise you not to accept it. Doing so will prevent you from making a claim and
    recovering all the money you’re entitled to.

Whatever your case may be, you can also claim:

  • Expenses incurred from the incident such as hotels, taxis, car rentals, missed
    excursions, or meals at the airport, among others.
  • Damages such as missed days of work, leave, meetings, job interviews, or events,
    among others.

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