An easy way to understand non-resident income tax

When a person who is not a tax resident owns a property in Spain and rents it out, the income obtained is subject to tax. What’s more, the Spanish tax office also requires you to pay tax for the days it is not rented out. Regardless of whether it was empty or if you, your family, or friends were staying there. This is known as income allocation.

Failure to declare and file these taxes can lead to surcharges and penalties. We can help you avoid them.

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Generally, if you are in Spain for less than 183 days per year, you are not considered a resident for tax purposes. However, there are exceptions. For instance, if your spouse and children live in Spain, or if the Spanish tax office believes that your core economic interests are in Spain. You can also verify it by answering a few simple questions through our form. In less than 99 seconds.

That’s right. Even if you aren’t renting out your property, you’ll still have to pay what is known as allocated property income. By owning an empty or unused property, other than your ‘primary residence’, and deciding to not rent it out, the Spanish tax authorities consider that you could rent it out and generate income. Therefore they quantify this option for a certain amount and require you to pay tax on it.

If your property has been empty or used by you, a friend, or a relative for free, this would lead to an income allocation and you’ll have to pay tax.

Yes. The Spanish tax office makes no distinction on this matter. You have to pay taxes for allocated income.

Yes, you’re required to pay tax for allocated property income. This would amount to the number of days the property was in your name without being rented out, up until the date it was sold. Regardless of any other taxes that you’ll have to submit, such as those related to the sale itself.

You’ll have to file a tax return for each property you own in Spain.

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